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Venezuela a country in northern South America on the Atlantic between Colombia and Guyana.
vengeance injury or damage done to a person in return for injury or damage inflicted by him or her; retribution; revenge. [2 definitions]
vengeful feeling or showing a strong desire for vengeance or revenge; vindictive.
venial able to be excused, pardoned, or forgiven, as a minor error, offense, or sin. (Cf. mortal.)
Venice a seaport in northeastern Italy, that is built on many small islands, formerly the seat of a powerful maritime city-state.
venin any of the various poisonous constituents of animal venoms.
venire see "venire facias." [2 definitions]
venire facias a writ issued by a judge that directs an official to summon qualified citizens to serve on a jury. [2 definitions]
venireman someone summoned under a venire facias to appear in court as a prospective juror.
venison the flesh of a deer, used as food.
veni, vidi, vici (Latin) I came, I saw, I conquered (said by Julius Caesar after a victory).
Venn diagram a type of diagram that uses overlapping circles to show shared characteristics among groups or sets.
venom the poisonous fluid that certain snakes, insects, scorpions, and other animals produce and transmit to their prey by biting or stinging. [2 definitions]
venomous producing venom; able to inflict a poisonous bite or sting. [2 definitions]
venous of, relating to, or composed of veins. [2 definitions]
vent an opening which allows entrance, passage, or exit of a gas or vapor, esp. of air or smoke. [5 definitions]
ventilate to provide (an interior space) with fresh air or a means of air circulation. [3 definitions]
ventilation the process of ventilating or state of being ventilated. [2 definitions]
ventilator something that ventilates, esp. a device that expels foul air and draws in clean, fresh air.
ventless combined form of vent.
ventral situated on the anterior or lower side of the body, an organ, or the like. [2 definitions]