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ventriloquy ventriloquism.
venture an undertaking or enterprise that involves risk or is of uncertain outcome. [6 definitions]
venture capital funds invested by owners or stockholders in a new business venture that usu. involves high risk.
venturesome tending to take risks; brave. [2 definitions]
venturi tube a short tube with a constricted section at the center that lowers the pressure and increases the velocity of fluid flowing through the tube, used to measure fluid flow.
venturous venturesome.
venue the location of any action or event. [2 definitions]
venule a small vein. [2 definitions]
Venus in Roman mythology, the goddess of love and beauty; Aphrodite. [2 definitions]
Venusian of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the planet Venus. [2 definitions]
Venus's-flytrap a swamp plant of the southeastern United States having leaves with two lobes that close like a trap when the sensitive hairs on them are touched, as by an insect.
Venus Williams U.S. professional tennis player, who in 1998 set a Guinness World Record for serving the fastest ball in the history of women's tennis (205 km/h, or 127.4 mph); born Venus Ebone Starr Williams (b. 1980).
veracious habitually speaking the truth; honest; truthful. [2 definitions]
veracity adherence to truthfulness; honesty. [3 definitions]
veranda a large porch attached to a house, usu. roofed, often partially enclosed, and used esp. for social activities.
verb in grammar, a word that communicates a state of being or an action and that usu. has inflected forms to indicate tense, voice, mood, or agreement with a subject or object.
verbal of or relating to words. [5 definitions]
verbalism a verbal expression; word or phrase. [3 definitions]
verbalist a person who uses words skillfully. [2 definitions]
verbalization the act or process, or an instance, of expressing something in words, especially spoken words.
verbalize to express (something) by using words, esp. spoken words.