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yellow-shafted flicker a color phase of the common flicker that has bright yellow on the undersides of its wings and tail; yellowhammer.
Yellowstone National Park the oldest and largest U.S. national park, mostly in northwestern Wyoming, known particularly for its hot springs and geysers.
yellow streak (informal) a tendency to be a coward.
yellowtail any of several large edible jack fishes, esp. one of the Pacific. [2 definitions]
yellowthroat a small American warbler with a yellow throat, a white belly, an olive-brown back, and on the male, a black mask.
yellow warbler a small American warbler that is mostly yellow, the male having reddish streaks on the breast.
yellowwood any of various trees of the southern United States that have compound leaves, bear clusters of white flowers, and yield a yellow dye from their wood. [3 definitions]
yelp to cry out quickly and sharply, as a dog or fox. [3 definitions]
Yemen a nation at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, formed in 1990 by uniting North Yemen and Southern Yemen; Republic of Yemen.
yen1 the chief monetary unit of Japan, equaling one hundred sen.
yen2 (informal) a yearning or desire. [2 definitions]
Yenisei River a major river, located primarily in Russia, that originates in the mountains of Mongolia, flows north through Siberia, and empties into the Kara Sea, a part of the Arctic Ocean.
yenta (slang) a gossipy, meddlesome woman.
yeoman in former times in Britain, a member of a class of commoners who owned and worked on their own land. [6 definitions]
yeomanly pertaining to the rank or condition of a yeoman. [3 definitions]
yeoman of the guard a member of the ceremonial guard of one hundred yeomen attending the British royal family.
yeomanry formerly, the class of land-owning farmers.
yeoman's service exceptionally good, loyal, or workmanlike service.
yep (informal) yes.
-yer one associated with (an action or thing), esp. as an occupation (used after "w").
yerba buena a trailing evergreen mint of the Pacific coast of North America, formerly used in medicine and as a tea.