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Yenisei River a major river, located primarily in Russia, that originates in the mountains of Mongolia, flows north through Siberia, and empties into the Kara Sea, a part of the Arctic Ocean.
yenta (slang) a gossipy, meddlesome woman.
yeoman in former times in Britain, a member of a class of commoners who owned and worked on their own land. [6 definitions]
yeomanly pertaining to the rank or condition of a yeoman. [3 definitions]
yeoman of the guard a member of the ceremonial guard of one hundred yeomen attending the British royal family.
yeomanry formerly, the class of land-owning farmers.
yeoman's service exceptionally good, loyal, or workmanlike service.
yep (informal) yes.
-yer one associated with (an action or thing), esp. as an occupation (used after "w").
yerba buena a trailing evergreen mint of the Pacific coast of North America, formerly used in medicine and as a tea.
Yerevan the capital of Armenia.
Yersinia Pestis A bacterium that causes plague.
yes it is as you say or ask (used to express affirmation or agreement). [6 definitions]
yeshiva an Orthodox Jewish school or college for Talmudic studies and the training of rabbis. [2 definitions]
yes-man one who always agrees with a superior, or approves of every opinion or idea of the superior; sycophant.
yesterday on the day preceding today. [5 definitions]
yesteryear times of the recent past, usu. considered nostalgically; days of yore. [3 definitions]
yet up until or at this time. [7 definitions]
yeti see "Abominable Snowman."
yew any of several evergreen trees and shrubs that have sharp flat needles and bear poisonous red berries. [2 definitions]
yid (offensive slang) a Jew.