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absence the state or condition of being away or not present. [3 definitions]
absent not in the expected or required place. [4 definitions]
absentee a person who is absent, esp. from duty, work, or property. [2 definitions]
absentee ballot a ballot to be marked and delivered to an election official before election day because the voter will be unable to be at the polls on that day.
absenteeism habitual or repeated absence from a place where regular attendance is required, such as work or school.
absent-minded not paying attention to the immediate task or event because one's mind is preoccupied with other matters.
absent without leave absent without permission from assigned military duty, but not necessarily with the intention of deserting; AWOL.
absinthe a bitter green liqueur with high alcohol content, made from wormwood and herbs. [2 definitions]
absolute precise, exact. [7 definitions]
absolutely precisely; exactly. [2 definitions]
absolute monarchy an authoritarian governing system in which a hereditary ruler holds complete power until death.
absolute pitch the exact pitch of a single musical tone as determined by its rate of vibrations as measured on a standard scale. [2 definitions]
absolute power complete control over someone or something, esp. of a government or ruler over his citizens.
absolute temperature temperature measured on a scale in which zero equals the lowest temperature that can be obtained physically.
absolute value the magnitude of a real number irrespective of its sign; distance of a real number from zero. [2 definitions]
absolute zero the lowest possible temperature for any known substance, equal to -273.15 degrees Celsius or -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit.
absolution in Christian theology, a declaration of forgiveness of one's sins by a priest after confession and penance. [3 definitions]
absolutism the principle or practice of absolute, unrestrained governmental power.
absolutist of or relating to government by total, unrestrained power. [3 definitions]
absolve to free from consequences, blame, or guilt. [3 definitions]
absorb to take in or soak up. [3 definitions]