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aedes see "yellow fever mosquito."
Aegean of, pertaining to, located in, or bordering on the Aegean Sea. [3 definitions]
Aegean Sea an extension of the Mediterranean between Greece and Turkey.
aegis protection; sponsorship.
Aeneas the Trojan hero of the Aeneid, who survives the fall of Troy, wanders for seven years, and becomes the founder of Rome.
Aeneid an epic poem by Virgil that tells of the adventures of Aeneas from the fall of Troy to his founding of Rome.
Aeolian of or relating to Aeolis, its people, or its culture. [3 definitions]
aeolian harp a musical instrument consisting of an open box with gut strings stretched across it that produce rising and falling sounds when wind passes over them.
Aeolis an ancient Greek colony on the northwest coast of Asia Minor.
Aeolus in Greek mythology, the god who controls the winds.
aeon variant of eon.
aeonian lasting forever; eternal.
aerate to expose to the circulation or chemical action of air in order to ventilate or cleanse. [3 definitions]
aerator a device that aerates a fluid or mixes it with air.
aerial of, associated with, or occurring in the air or atmosphere. [6 definitions]
aerialist one who performs on a trapeze or tightrope.
aerie a nest built high on a cliff or mountain, esp. by an eagle or other bird of prey. [2 definitions]
aero- air or atmosphere. [3 definitions]
aerobatics (used with a sing. or pl. verb) spectacular stunts, such as rolls, loops, and dives, performed by an airplane or glider.
aerobe an organism, such as a bacterium, that needs oxygen to live.
aerobic occurring or living only in the presence of oxygen. [3 definitions]