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air one's dirty linen in public to make public embarrassing or shameful private facts about oneself or others.
air piracy the hijacking of an airplane, helicopter, or the like.
airplane any of various aircraft that are heavier than air and are driven by propellers or jet engines.
airplay the broadcasting of a recording by a radio or television station.
air pocket a downward air current that can cause an abrupt change, usu. a drop, in an aircraft's altitude.
airport a large area of level land where airplanes can land and take off, usu. including a passenger terminal and cargo and repair facilities.
air power a country's military capacity for waging war by air.
air pressure the pressure of compressed air, as in a tire or pump, or the pressure of the earth's atmosphere.
airproof not allowing air to pass or penetrate. [2 definitions]
air pump a pump for suctioning, compressing, or injecting air.
air quality the degree that the air in a particular environment contains pollution.
air raid a military raid by aircraft, esp. bombers.
air rifle a rifle operated by compressed air, used to fire small pellets or the like.
air sac an air-filled space or cavity in a living organism, esp. any of the ends of certain bronchial tubes in a bird's body that connect with the larger body cavity and assist in breathing.
air shaft a narrow vertical passage through which fresh air can reach an otherwise enclosed area such as the interior of a building; ventilating shaft.
airship a lighter-than-air aircraft, with its own propulsion system and steering control.
airsick nauseated because of air travel; suffering from airsickness.
airsickness motion sickness, usu. including nausea, caused by air travel.
airspace the space extending above a particular land area, esp. that of a political entity. [2 definitions]
airspeed the speed of a flying object, esp. an aircraft, relative to the surrounding air.
airstrike an attack by air forces or other military aviation against a ground or naval target.