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ajar1 partly opened, as a hinged door, window, or lid.
ajar2 not in accordance or harmonious with.
AK abbreviation of "Alaska," a U.S. state on the northwestern coast of North America between the Bering Strait and Canada.
a.k.a. abbreviation of "also known as."
akimbo with hand on hip and elbow pointed away from the body. [2 definitions]
akin related by blood; kin. [2 definitions]
-al1 characterized by; of or pertaining to.
-al2 act; action; process.
-al3 an aldehyde, or a barbiturate.
Al symbol of the chemical element aluminum.
AL abbreviation of "Alabama," a southeastern U.S. state located between Georgia and Mississippi.
al- to.
la in the manner or style of.
ala a wing or winglike part or structure on a living organism.
Alabama a southeastern U.S. state located between Georgia and Mississippi. (abbr.: AL)
alabaster a dense, fine-grained gypsum, often white and translucent, that is often carved for ornaments and figurines. [5 definitions]
la carte with separate charges for each item as stated on the menu. (Cf. prix fixe, table d'hte.)
alack used to indicate dismay, sadness, or regret.
alacrity willing promptness. [2 definitions]
Aladdin in The Arabian Nights, a boy who finds a magic lamp and ring, each of which enables him to bring forth a powerful genie who can grant his every wish.
la king diced and cooked in a cream sauce with green peppers, pimentos, and mushrooms.