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aliphatic indicating an organic chemical compound in which the carbon atoms make an open chain.
aliquot in math, forming a whole number divisor of another number without a remainder. [3 definitions]
alit past tense and past participle of alight1.
a little a small amount of something (used when the amount, though small, is nonetheless significant). [5 definitions]
alive having life; living. [4 definitions]
alive to keenly aware of.
alizarin a reddish orange or brownish orange chemical substance from which dyes are made.
alkali any of a category of base chemicals, made up of hydroxides of certain metals and of ammonium, which neutralize acids to form salts. [2 definitions]
alkali metal any of a group of highly reactive chemical elements, such as sodium and potassium, that are typically univalent cations forming various compounds, but that can be isolated as soft, low-density metals.
alkaline of, containing, or similar to an alkali. [2 definitions]
alkaline-earth metal any of a group of highly reactive chemical elements, such as calcium and magnesium, that are typically divalent cations and form compounds with various other elements.
alkalinize to produce an alkali from (a chemical group). [2 definitions]
alkalize see "alkalinize."
alkaloid any of various nitrogen-containing organic bases found in plants and from which drugs such as nicotine, quinine, and morphine are made.
alkalosis a pathological condition of the body fluids, characterized by a dangerously high alkali content.
alkane series the series of saturated hydrocarbons that includes methane and ethane; methane series; paraffin series.
Alkoran the Koran.
alkyd one of a group of sticky resins used in the manufacture of adhesives and paints.
all the total amount, extent, or number; every one. [12 definitions]
all- completely or exclusively. [4 definitions]
Allah in the religion of Islam, the name of the supreme deity.