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allopatric living in different geographic areas or in isolation, used esp. in reference to closely related species or to different populations of a single species. [2 definitions]
allophone in phonetics, any of the variants of a phoneme.
allosaurus any of various large meat-eating dinosaurs of the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.
allot to designate (an amount) to be used or given out. [2 definitions]
allotment the act of allotting or something that is allotted; appropriation or share. [2 definitions]
allotrope one of several forms in which a chemical element may exist.
allotropic pertaining to or having the property of allotropy.
allotropy the existence of some chemical elements in more than one structural form.
allottee one who receives an allotment.
all-out using every resource or means available.
allover covering, or repeated over, an entire surface.
all over in every part of something; everywhere.
all over with completely finished; over.
allow to permit; let; [5 definitions]
allowable capable of being allowed; permissible.
allowance that which is allowed. [3 definitions]
allowedly admittedly.
allow for to take into consideration; make provision for.
alloy a combined form of two or more metals, or of a metal with a nonmetal, sometimes using an inferior ingredient with a more costly one. [5 definitions]
all-points sent out in all directions or to all receivers wherever they happen to be.
all-purpose useful for many purposes; versatile.