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Alsatian one of a breed of large dogs having a thick brownish or black coat, often used as guard dogs and as guide dogs for the blind; German shepherd.
also in addition; as well; too. [3 definitions]
also-ran (informal) one who lost in an athletic or political competition.
alt.1 abbreviation of "alternate," one authorized to act in place of another; substitute.
alt.2 abbreviation of "altitude," the height of a given object or location above a specified base, such as sea level or earth, esp. the angular distance of a celestial body, measured from the horizon.
Altaic a family of languages that includes Turkic, Mongolian, Tungusic, and Korean. [3 definitions]
Altai Mountains a central Asian mountain range that extends from western Mongolia into Russia and China.
Altair the brightest star in the constellation Aquila, having a magnitude of 0.8.
altar a raised structure, often a table or platform, upon or at which sacrifices or other religious ceremonies are performed.
altar boy a young male person who assists the clergy in religious services; acolyte.
altar girl a young female person who assists the clergy in religious services; acolyte.
altarpiece a work of art that decorates the area above and behind an altar.
altazimuth a telescope or other instrument that moves in altitude (up and down) and in azimuth (back and forth).
alter to make different; change. [2 definitions]
alterable capable of being changed or altered.
alterant resulting in or producing alteration. [2 definitions]
alteration the state or process of altering. [3 definitions]
alterative tending to alter or cause alteration.
altercate to argue heatedly; quarrel.
altercation a loud or angry argument or quarrel.
alter ego a second self or another aspect of oneself. [2 definitions]