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althea any of a group of plants having tall spikes of flowers, such as hollyhocks.
Althea Gibson U.S. professional tennis player, who was the first African-American woman to win all the major world singles tennis titles (b.1927--d.2003).
althorn any of various brass wind instruments in the alto or tenor range, esp. the altosaxhorn; alto horn.
although in spite of the fact that; even though; though.
altimeter an altitude-measuring device such as a specially calibrated barometer.
altitude the height of a given object or location above a specified base, such as sea level or earth. [4 definitions]
alto the vocal range between tenor and soprano, being the lowest for the female and highest for the male. [5 definitions]
alto clef in musical notation, a clef with middle C on the middle line of the staff, or the sign identifying this clef; viola clef.
altocumulus a cloud having rounded, fluffy edges and a white or gray color, found at medium altitudes.
altogether thoroughly; totally. [3 definitions]
altoist in jazz, one who plays alto saxophone.
altostratus a thick dense cloud that forms a uniform gray sheet that often produces precipitation, found at medium altitudes.
altruism unselfish concern for the well-being of others. (Cf. egoism.)
altruist a person who feels unselfish concern for the well-being of others and acts upon this concern in some way.
altruistic unselfishly devoted to the welfare of others. [2 definitions]
alum an astringent chemical solid used as a styptic and in tanning and dyeing. [2 definitions]
alumina natural or synthetic aluminum oxide, occurring in nature as a corundum.
aluminium British spelling of aluminum.
aluminize to treat or cover with some form of aluminum.
aluminous of or pertaining to alum or alumina.
aluminum a chemical element that has thirteen protons in each nucleus, occurs commonly in ores such as bauxite, and in pure form is a strong lightweight corrosion-resistant silvery metal with many industrial uses. (symbol: Al)