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americium a synthetic radioactive chemical element that has ninety-five protons in each nucleus. (symbol: Am)
Amerigo Vespucci an Italian navigator and explorer (b.1454--d.1512).
Amerind an Indian or Eskimo native to North or South America. [2 definitions]
amethyst a purple or violet gem of crystallized quartz, used in jewelry. [4 definitions]
ametropia an eye problem caused by faulty refraction, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness.
Amex abbreviation of "American Stock Exchange."
Amharic the official language of Ethiopia, which is part of the Semitic language family.
ami (French) friend.
amiable characterized by or showing a friendly disposition; free of ill will; congenial.
amicable characterized by good will; friendly.
amice an oblong, white linen garment worn by clergymen around the neck and shoulders.
amicus curiae a person who voluntarily or by invitation gives legal advice to the court in a particular case.
amid surrounded by; in the environment of; in the middle of.
amide an organic compound derived from ammonia, such as acetamide, or a metallic derivative, such as sodium amide.
amidol a colorless crystalline substance used in developing photographs.
amidships in or toward the middle of a ship or aircraft. [2 definitions]
amidst in the middle of; among; amid.
amigo a friend.
-amine containing the amino group, which has one atom of nitrogen and two of hydrogen.
amine any of a group of ammonia derivatives in which hydrogen atoms have been replaced by organic groups containing hydrogen and carbon.
amino of, relating to, or containing an amine or other chemical substance formed by anitrogen-hydrogen group in combination with nonacidic organic compounds.