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anew once again; afresh. [2 definitions]
a new lease on life an opportunity to live a happier life because of improved circumstances.
angary the legal right of a state or nation at war to seize, destroy, or otherwise use the property of a neutral state, provided proper compensation is made.
angel in certain theologies, a spiritual being acting as a servant or messenger of God, usu. represented as a human figure with wings and a halo. [3 definitions]
angelfish any of several types of related tropical fishes having bright colors, winglike fins, and short, circular bodies.
angel food cake a light white sponge cake made of beaten egg whites, cream of tartar, flour, and sugar.
angelic of, concerning, or consisting of an angel or angels. [2 definitions]
angelica any of several types of related plants having clusters of small flowers and a distinctive aroma, often used in cookery and medicine.
Angelus (often l.c.) a prayer recited by some Roman Catholics at morning, noon, and night in memory of the Annunciation. [2 definitions]
anger strong emotion characterized by indignation, dislike, and belligerence; rage; wrath. [4 definitions]
angerless combined form of anger.
angina a condition or disease marked by inflammation of the throat, spasmodic pain, and a sensation of suffocation. [2 definitions]
angina pectoris severe recurrent pain in the chest caused by a sudden decrease in the amount of blood flowing to the heart muscle.
angiogenesis the formation of new blood vessels.
angiogram an x-ray image of blood vessels that is taken after injecting a substance that absorbs x-rays into the blood.
angiography a technique for imaging blood vessels.
angioma a tumor consisting mainly of blood vessels or lymph vessels.
angioplasty surgical repair of a blood vessel.
angiosarcoma a malignant vascular tumor.
angiosperm a flowering plant that holds its seeds within an ovary.
angle1 the geometric figure made by two lines extending out from a single point. [10 definitions]