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animal magnetism an internal biological force supposed by Franz Mesmer to induce hypnotism in others; biomagnetism.
animal rights rights of animals not to be subordinated to the needs and wants of human beings.
animal shelter a place that provides care and temporary shelter for homeless dogs, cats, and other animals generally kept as pets.
animal spirits the quality of one who is in high spirits and good health; vitality.
animate to rouse or bring to life. [9 definitions]
animated full of activity, spirit, or excitement. [3 definitions]
animated cartoon a motion picture made by photographing a sequence of drawings showing stages of movement, so as to create the illusion of motion when the images are projected in quick succession.
animation the act or result of animating or causing to be lively. [4 definitions]
animato in a lively and animated style or manner (used as a musical direction).
animator one that animates. [2 definitions]
animatron ics electronic technology used to animate puppets or other figures.
anime an animated film or video that, typically, is of Japanese origin, is richly illustrated, and employs magical characters and themes.
animism the belief that the universe and all of its material objects, beings, and phenomena possess a spirit or consciousness. [3 definitions]
animosity strong dislike or active hostility.
animus motivating force; intention. [3 definitions]
anion a negatively charged ion.
anise a plant with small clusters of flowers and licorice-flavored seeds. [2 definitions]
aniseed the seed of the anise plant, used as flavoring and in medicine.
anisette a liqueur flavored with anise.
anisole a clear aromatic liquid synthesized esp. for use in perfumes.
anisotropic having one or more physical property that differs depending on the direction of measurement. [2 definitions]