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ankh in Egyptian art, a cross with a loop at the top, symbolic of life.
ankle the joint between the leg and the foot; part of the leg just above the foot.
anklebone the uppermost bone in the ankle; talus.
anklet a sock that reaches slightly above the ankle. [2 definitions]
ankylose to grow together, join, or stiffen by ankylosis, as the bones of a joint.
ankylosis the joining or growing together of bones or other hard tissues. [2 definitions]
anna a former copper-nickel coin of India and Pakistan, equaling one sixteenth of a rupee.
annal a record of events for a particular year.
annalist a writer of annals.
annals a chronological record of events, usu. year by year. [3 definitions]
Annapolis the capital of Maryland. [2 definitions]
anneal to heat and then slowly cool (esp. glass or metal) so as to strengthen and make less brittle.
annelid any of various segmented worms such as earthworms and leeches. [2 definitions]
Annelida a phylum of segmented worms that includes earthworms and leeches.
Anne Sullivan a U.S. educator who pioneered techniques for teaching the blind, deaf-blind, and visually impaired through her work with Helen Keller (b.1866--d.1936).
annex to add or attach, esp. to something larger. [4 definitions]
annexation the act of taking and adding (territory) to one's own territory.
annihilate to destroy completely; reduce to ruin. [3 definitions]
annihilation the act of destroying completely, or an instance or state of being completely destroyed. [2 definitions]
anniversary the yearly recurrence of a particular event such as a marriage. [2 definitions]
anno Domini (Latin) in the year of the Lord (often abbreviated "A.D.")