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antagonist a person who contends or fights with another; enemy, competitor, or adversary. [3 definitions]
antagonistic characterized by or showing dislike or hostility; unfriendly. [2 definitions]
antagonize to bring on the hostility of; make an enemy of. [2 definitions]
antalkali a substance that neutralizes alkalinity.
Antananarivo the capital of Madagascar; Tananarive.
Antarctic the land mass or seas at or near the South Pole; Antarctica or the Antarctic Ocean (prec. by "the").
antarctic of, at, near, or pertaining to the South Pole.
Antarctica the land mass that surrounds the South Pole.
Antarctic Circle an imaginary line drawn around the earth parallel to the equator and north of the South Pole.
Antarctic Ocean the waters surrounding Antarctica at the southern confluence of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.
Antares a red binary star in the constellation Scorpius, having a combined magnitude of 1.0.
ant bear a large, toothless, ant-eating mammal with a long snout, a sticky, extendable tongue, and a long shaggy tail; great anteater. [2 definitions]
ante in poker, an amount of money that a player must put into play before seeing his or her cards. [3 definitions]
ante- before; earlier than. [2 definitions]
anteater any of several toothless mammals such as the aardvark and pangolin that feed mainly on ants or termites by means of a long, sticky tongue.
antebellum in or of the period prior to a war, esp. the American Civil War. (Cf. postbellum.)
antecede to go before in time, or to be higher in rank or place.
antecedence the act of going before, or the state of being ahead; precedence.
antecedent occurring before; previous. [4 definitions]
antechamber a small room that acts as a waiting room or entryway to a larger room; anteroom.
antedate to be earlier than; precede in time. [3 definitions]