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antibiotic any of various substances derived from fungi or other organisms and used to destroy or prevent the growth of bacteria or other disease-causing organisms. [2 definitions]
antibody a protein in blood that reacts to particular toxic substances by neutralizing or destroying them, and thus provides immunity against them.
anti-Bolshevik combined form of Bolshevik.
antibourgeois combined form of bourgeois.
anti-British being against the British nation or the British people.
antibureaucratic combined form of bureaucratic.
antiburglar combined form of burglar.
antiburglary combined form of burglary.
antibusing opposed to busing students between school districts in order to achieve racial balance in schools.
antic (usu. pl.) playful or funny actions; pranks. [5 definitions]
anticancer used to combat cancerous malignancy.
anticapitalism combined form of capitalism.
anticapitalist combined form of capitalist.
anticarcinogen combined form of carcinogen.
anticarcinogenic combined form of carcinogenic.
anticaries combined form of caries.
anti-Catholic combined form of Catholic.
anti-Catholicism combined form of Catholicism.
anticellulite combined form of cellulite.
anticensorship combined form of censorship.
antichlor any of several substances used to remove excess chlorine bleach from materials, such as paper or fabric, that have been bleached.