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anywise in any way, shape, or manner.
Anzac a soldier in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps during World War I (acronym for "Australia and New Zealand Army Corps"). [2 definitions]
ao dai (Vietnamese) the costume traditionally worn by women in Vietnam, having loose-fitting trousers and a long tunic.
A-O.K. (informal) perfectly fine; in excellent working order.
A one superior; first-rate; first-class.
aorta the main artery carrying blood from the left side of the heart to the arteries of all the rest of the body except the lungs.
aoudad a wild sheep of northern Africa with long, thick, curved horns and long fringes of hair on the neck, chest, and forelegs.
AP abbreviation of "Associated Press."
ap- to. [2 definitions]
apace at a swift pace; quickly.
Apache any member of a formerly nomadic North American Indian tribe chiefly inhabiting the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. [2 definitions]
apache a gangster of Paris.
apanage variant of appanage.
apart separated by time or space; at or to a distance. [3 definitions]
apartheid a policy of racial segregation, esp. the official segregation of blacks and whites as it existed in the Republic of South Africa from 1948 until 1994.
apartment a room or set of rooms used as living space by a single household and usu. located in a building containing a number of such rooms or sets of rooms.
apartment building a building containing a number of individual apartments; apartment house.
apartment house a building containing a number of individual apartments; apartment building.
apathetic having or displaying little or no emotion, concern, or interest; indifferent.
apathy absence of desire or emotion. [2 definitions]
apatosaur another name for brontosaurus; apatosaurus.