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apparatus a machine or group of machines designed to accomplish a specific task. [2 definitions]
apparel clothing, such as shirts, dresses, coats, and the like, esp. of a fine or decorative sort. [4 definitions]
apparent visible, plain, or clearly seen. [3 definitions]
apparently judging from all available information or visible evidence; seemingly. [2 definitions]
apparition a ghostly image; phantom; specter. [2 definitions]
appassionata with strong emotion; impassioned (used as a musical direction).
appeal a sincere and earnest request or plea, usu. for aid or sympathy. [7 definitions]
appealable combined form of appeal.
appealing attracting interest, curiosity, or desire.
appear to come into view; become visible. [5 definitions]
appearance the act or an instance of appearing or coming into view. [4 definitions]
appease to cause to become calmer or less agitated, esp. by satisfying demands or making concessions; placate. [2 definitions]
appeasement the act of appeasing or state of being appeased. [2 definitions]
appellant one who makes an appeal, esp. one who takes a case before a higher court for review.
appellate having to do with appeals, esp. having the power to review and reverse a lower court's decisions.
appellate jurisdiction the power of a court to review rulings made by a lower court and potentially change the outcomes of a lower court's decision.
appellation a name, title, or other designation. [2 definitions]
appellation contrôlée (sometimes caps.) a designation on the labels of certain French wines or liquors, certifying that the contents meet prescribed standards. [2 definitions]
appellative a descriptive name or title, as "Terrible" in "Ivan the Terrible". [4 definitions]
append to add, esp. as something extra at the end of a text. [2 definitions]
appendage something attached to a larger or more significant thing. [3 definitions]