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apportionable combined form of apportion.
apportionment a distribution based on the relation of part to whole. [2 definitions]
appose to place next to or side by side; juxtapose.
apposite fitting; pertinent; appropriate.
apposition the act of placing together or side by side. [3 definitions]
appositive in grammar, a word, phrase, or clause that functions as a noun and is placed, without a conjunction, immediately after a noun or noun equivalent that refers to the same person, place, or thing, such as "a devoted scholar" in "my mother, a devoted scholar". [2 definitions]
appraisal a judgment about the nature, quality, or value of someone or something. [2 definitions]
appraise to estimate the quality or nature of. [2 definitions]
appreciable capable of being perceived, measured, or estimated.
appreciate to feel grateful for (something) or to (someone). [4 definitions]
appreciation understanding of the value of something given and an accompanying feeling of thankfulness. [5 definitions]
appreciative feeling or capable of feeling gratitude or appreciation.
apprehend to catch and place under arrest. [4 definitions]
apprehensible able to be perceived or understood.
apprehension anxiety about future events. [3 definitions]
apprehensive feeling anxiety about future events.
apprentice one who works for another to learn his or her skill or trade. [3 definitions]
apprenticeship the process of working for another to learn that person's skill or trade, or the act of becoming engaged in this way.
apprise to inform (often fol. by "of").
apprize variant of apprise.
approach to come or go near to. [9 definitions]