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appraisal a judgment about the nature, quality, or value of someone or something. [2 definitions]
appraise to estimate the quality or nature of. [2 definitions]
appreciable capable of being perceived, measured, or estimated.
appreciate to feel grateful for (something) or to (someone). [4 definitions]
appreciation expression of thanks. [3 definitions]
appreciative feeling or capable of feeling gratitude or appreciation.
apprehend to catch and place under arrest. [4 definitions]
apprehensible able to be perceived or understood.
apprehension anxiety about future events. [3 definitions]
apprehensive feeling anxiety about future events.
apprentice one who works for another to learn his or her skill or trade. [3 definitions]
apprenticeship the process of working for another to learn that person's skill or trade, or the act of becoming engaged in this way.
apprise to inform (often fol. by "of").
apprize variant of apprise.
approach to come or go near to. [9 definitions]
approachable available to others; easily approached.
approbation approval; praise. [2 definitions]
appropriate fitting the practical or social requirements of the situation; seemly; suitable. [3 definitions]
appropriation the act of appropriating, or something appropriated. [2 definitions]
approval the act of approving. [2 definitions]
approve to give official sanction to. [3 definitions]