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atomizer a device that converts a liquid, esp. a medicine or perfume, into a spray.
atom smasher see "accelerator."
atonal in music, composed without a fixed key or scale.
at once at the same time. [2 definitions]
atone to make reparation for a sin, crime, error, or the like (usu. fol. by "for"). [2 definitions]
at one in a state of harmony or accord.
atonement the act of atoning; reparation. [3 definitions]
at one's elbow close by.
at one's fingertips readily available.
at one's heels in close pursuit.
at one's leisure when the time is convenient; when one has spare time.
atop at or on the highest point. [2 definitions]
atopic of or relating to a genetic tendency to develop allergic reactions.
atopy a genetic tendency to develop allergic reactions that is typically associated with a heightened immune response to certain allergens.
-ator one that does (such) a thing or acts in (such) a way.
atorvastatin a drug that lowers lipid levels in blood.
-atory of or pertaining to. [3 definitions]
a tough nut to crack a problem or situation that is difficult to solve or cope with. [2 definitions]
ATP a biochemical compound that serves to store energy in all living cells; adenosine triphosphate. (Cf. ADP.)
at present right now.
atrabilious sad, gloomy, or melancholy. [2 definitions]