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attic the space in a house directly underneath the roof.
Attica the region around Athens, Greece, that was ruled by the city in classical times.
Atticism a style, idiom, mannerism, custom, or the like, that is characteristic of Attic Greek. [2 definitions]
Attic salt (often l.c.) sharp wit, skillfully phrased; Attic wit.
Attic wit see "Attic salt."
Attila the king of the Huns that invaded Europe in the fifth century (406?-453 A.D.).
at times occasionally or sometimes.
attire to dress, esp. in fancy or elegant clothes. [2 definitions]
attitude a feeling or mental state in regard to something or someone. [2 definitions]
attitudinize to display intentionally a particular attitude; strike a pose; posture.
attn. abbreviation of "attention," consideration or notice (usu. used beneath an address on an envelope to refer to a specific individual, department, or the like, to whom the envelope should be delivered upon receipt).
attorney one whose profession is to give legal advice and to act as a representative in court during legal proceedings; lawyer; attorney-at-law.
attorney-at-law an attorney; lawyer.
attorney general the chief law officer and legal advisor of a state or nation. [2 definitions]
attract to cause to come near, as by some special quality or action. [3 definitions]
attraction the act or power of attracting. [4 definitions]
attractive having qualities that draw others; having the power of attraction. [2 definitions]
attribute to regard as the result of. [4 definitions]
attribution the act or fact of attributing.
attributive acting as or having the quality of an attribute or attribution. [3 definitions]
attrition a gradual wearing down or erosion as a result of friction. [3 definitions]