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avalanche the sudden rush of a large quantity of snow, ice, or rocks down a mountain. [4 definitions]
avant-garde a group that actively experiments with and applies new and unconventional techniques, esp. in the arts; vanguard. [3 definitions]
avarice the excessive desire to accumulate riches; greed; cupidity.
avaricious marked by avarice; greedy, esp. for wealth; grasping.
avascular lacking blood vessels.
avast used in nautical terminology as a command to stop.
avatar in Hindu mythology, a human incarnation of a god. [2 definitions]
avdp. abbreviation of "avoirdupois," a system of weight based on a pound equal to sixteen ounces or to 453.59 grams.
Ave. abbreviation of "Avenue," a street, esp. a wide one (written as part of a proper name).
ave Hail!; Hello!; Welcome! (used mainly in religious ceremony). [4 definitions]
Ave Maria (Latin) Hail Mary; the opening words of a prayer to the Virgin Mary. [2 definitions]
avenge to inflict punishment or cause suffering as retribution for; take vengeance for. [2 definitions]
avenger one who avenges.
avenue a street, esp. a wide one. [2 definitions]
aver to assert to be true; affirm.
average a usual amount or kind; that which is not extreme or extraordinary. [9 definitions]
average out to amount to an average according to arithmetic calculation (usu. fol. by "to"). [2 definitions]
averse strongly opposed or disinclined; unwilling (usu. fol. by "to").
aversion great dislike or disgust; repugnance (usu. fol. by "to"). [2 definitions]
avert to turn aside or away. [2 definitions]
Avesta the sacred writings of Zoroastrianism.