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backstroke a stroke made with the back of the hand outward, as in tennis. [3 definitions]
backswept inclined or swept toward the rear.
backswing in sports, the first part of the swing of a bat, club, racket, or the like, in which it is swung toward the player's back in preparation for the forward swing.
back talk insolent replies or retorts; impudence.
back-talk (informal) to answer in an insolent manner.
back-to-back following immediately after another; in consecutive order. [2 definitions]
backtrack to retrace one's previous route. [2 definitions]
backup an alternate, substitute, or copy kept in reserve. [4 definitions]
back up to create and store a copy of (a computer file), often in a separate location, in case the original is damaged or lost.
backward in the direction of or to the rear or back. [8 definitions]
backward and forward in depth; completely; thoroughly.
backwash in nautical terminology, water that an oar, propeller, or the like pushes toward the rear of a boat. [4 definitions]
backwater a pool of water that a dam, current, flood, or the like prevents from flowing. [2 definitions]
backwoods (often used with a sing. verb) an area that is mostly covered with trees and that has few inhabitants. [4 definitions]
backyard an open area behind a house that is part of the homeowner's property.
bacon a fatty, smoked, and salted form of pork, taken from the back and side of the pig.
bacteremia the presence of bacteria in blood.
bacteria pl. of bacterium. Bacteria are one-celled microscopic organisms of various shapes that are often agents of fermentation and putrefaction and that, in some cases, cause disease.
bactericide something that can kill bacteria.
bacteriology the science that is concerned with bacteria.
bacteriophage any virus that attacks and kills bacteria.