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Baedeker any of a series of travelers' guidebooks published by Karl Baedeker and his successors.
baffle to bewilder; confuse. [4 definitions]
bag a flexible container, usu. made of cloth, paper, or leather, and used to hold things; sack; pouch. [11 definitions]
bagasse the pulp that remains after juice has been removed from sugar cane or sugar beet. [2 definitions]
bagatelle something small or insignificant. [3 definitions]
Bagdad variant of Baghdad.
bagel a leavened, ring-shaped bread roll with a dense, chewy texture.
bagful the amount that a bag can or does hold. [2 definitions]
baggage suitcases, bags, and other articles used to carry belongings during travel; luggage. [3 definitions]
baggy hanging or bulging in loose folds; puffed out; baglike.
Baghdad the capital of Iraq.
bagnio a place of prostitution; brothel.
bagpipe a musical instrument, played esp. in Scotland, consisting of a double-reed melody pipe and one or more drone pipes that protrude from a flexible leather bag that is inflated through a blowpipe by the breath or by bellows.
baguette a long, thin loaf of bread with a crisp crust, made from a basic, wheat flour dough. The baguette has its origins in France. [3 definitions]
bah used as an expression of disgust or annoyance.
Bahai a modern Iranian religion that is based on a doctrine of universal brotherhood, the equality of the sexes, and total religious tolerance.
Bahaism Bahai.
Bahamas (used with a pl. verb) a chain of islands southeast of Florida and roughly parallel to Cuba; Bahama Islands. [2 definitions]
Bahrain an island country in the Persian Gulf off the coast of Saudi Arabia. [2 definitions]
baht the chief monetary unit of Thailand, equaling one hundred satang.
bail1 an amount of money or other property left with a court to ensure that a person who is released after arrest will return to stand trial. [5 definitions]