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bamboo any of several tropical grasses that have hard, woody, hollow stems and grow to the height of a tree. [2 definitions]
bamboo curtain (sometimes cap.) a barrier to trade and diplomacy, based on ideological and political differences, that formerly existed between the People's Republic of China and the West, attributed by the latter to the secrecy and censorship practiced by the Chinese. (Cf. iron curtain.)
bamboozle (informal) to trick by deceptive claims, flattery, or the like; deceive. [2 definitions]
ban1 to forbid, usu. officially; prohibit. [3 definitions]
ban2 the smaller monetary unit of Romania. (Cf. leu.)
banal lacking originality or liveliness; disappointingly ordinary; commonplace; trite.
banana the long, curved, fleshy fruit of any of several tropical treelike plants. [2 definitions]
banana oil a clear synthetic liquid with a bananalike odor, used as a flavoring or paint solvent, and in the making of lacquers; amyl acetate.
banana republic (informal) a small, often politically unstable Central American country with a one-crop economy that is controlled by foreign capital (used as a derogatory label).
banana spider see Brazilian wandering spider.
Banbury tart a small pastry shell filled with raisins, currants, nuts, and the like.
band1 a group of people, animals, or objects acting together. [4 definitions]
band2 a thin strip of flexible material that binds several objects together. [4 definitions]
bandage a strip of fabric used to protect or bind a wound or other injury. [3 definitions]
Band-Aid trademark for a small strip of adhesive tape that holds a gauze pad for covering minor wounds. [3 definitions]
bandanna a large handkerchief with a brightly colored design, sometimes worn on the head or neck.
Bandar Seri Begawan the seaport capital of Brunei.
B and B abbreviation of "Bed and Breakfast," an establishment offering lodging and breakfast. [2 definitions]
bandbox a usu. cylindrical box of cardboard or thin wood, used to hold a hat or other clothing items.
bandeau a ribbon or headband worn to keep the hair in place or away from the face. [2 definitions]
banderilla a long, barbed, often decorated dart that a banderillero sticks into the neck or shoulder of a bull.