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bard in ancient Celtic times, a person who composed and recited or sang epic poetry. [2 definitions]
bare lacking clothing or covering; naked. [6 definitions]
bareback on the back of a horse, donkey, or the like, without a saddle.
barefaced with no covering over the face. [3 definitions]
barefoot with nothing on the feet.
barehanded without any sort of aid in hand, such as a weapon or tool. [2 definitions]
bareheaded without a covering for the head; hatless.
barelegged with the legs mostly uncovered.
barely only just; hardly. [2 definitions]
barf (slang) to vomit. [2 definitions]
bargain an agreement that contains the terms of a transaction or exchange. [6 definitions]
bargain basement a basement floor in a department store where items are sold at greatly reduced prices.
bargain counter a counter in a store that is stocked with items to be sold at reduced prices.
bargain for take into account; expect.
bargaining chip something that can be used in negotiating or making deals, esp. if likely to yield an advantage.
bargain on to anticipate. [2 definitions]
barge a large, long, flat-bottomed boat that is used for carrying freight. [4 definitions]
barge in to interrupt or intrude, esp. clumsily or impolitely.
bar graph a graph in which numerical values of data are represented by bars of equal widths but varying lengths, also known as a bar chart.
barhop (informal) to drink at a series of bars during the course of a given period, esp. during an evening.
bariatrics (used with a sing. verb) the study of obesity and its medical or surgical treatment.