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barong a heavy, broad-bladed knife or cleaver that is used by the Moros of the Philippines.
baronial of or pertaining to a baron, or the order of barons. [2 definitions]
barony a baron's land holdings. [2 definitions]
baroque (often cap.) of or pertaining to the style or period in art, music, and architecture prevailing in Europe following the Renaissance, from about 1550 to about 1750, characterized by bold expression of emotion and elaborate forms of ornamentation. [5 definitions]
baroreceptor a nerve ending sensitive to blood pressure that helps regulate the dilation of blood vessels in the circulatory system.
baroscope an instrument that indicates changes in atmospheric pressure.
barouche a four-wheeled carriage with a folding top, two opposing seats for two people each inside, and a driver's seat outside in front.
barque variant of bark3.
barquentine variant of barkentine.
barrack (usu. pl.) a large, plain building or group of buildings, esp. used as temporary housing for soldiers. [3 definitions]
barracks bag a large cylindrical bag of heavy cloth, usu. with a drawstring, used to contain a soldier's personal belongings; duffel bag.
barracuda any of several long-bodied, fiercely predacious marine tropical fishes.
barrage an overwhelming quantity of things following one another rapidly. [3 definitions]
barrage balloon one of a number of anchored balloons from which wires or nets are suspended to discourage low-flying enemy aircraft from attacking military installations or cities.
barramunda an edible freshwater lungfish native to the rivers of Australia.
barranca a gorge or ravine, esp. in the southwestern United States.
barrator in law, one who frequently stirs up quarrels or brings groundless lawsuits.
barratry in law, the practice of frequently stirring up groundless lawsuits. [2 definitions]
barre a long horizontal handrail mounted in ballet studios as an aid for dancers performing various exercises.
barred protected with bars, as a window. [3 definitions]
barrel a cylindrical vessel with a flat top and bottom, often made of wood staves hooped together and having bulging sides. [6 definitions]