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barranca a gorge or ravine, esp. in the southwestern United States.
barrator in law, one who frequently stirs up quarrels or brings groundless lawsuits.
barratry in law, the practice of frequently stirring up groundless lawsuits. [2 definitions]
barre a long horizontal handrail mounted in ballet studios as an aid for dancers performing various exercises.
barred protected with bars, as a window. [3 definitions]
barrel a cylindrical vessel with a flat top and bottom, often made of wood staves hooped together and having bulging sides. [6 definitions]
barrel-chested having a deeper, thicker chest than usual for one's height or weight.
barrelful the quantity that fills a barrel; barrel.
barrel organ a portable musical instrument consisting of a cylinder fitted with pegs or pins that either open valves to a series of pipes or strike metal tongues when the cylinder is rotated; hand organ.
barrel roll a maneuver in which an aircraft completes one spiral revolution around its lengthwise axis, without changing direction of flight.
barren unproductive; nonproducing. [5 definitions]
barrette a small clasp, often decorative, used for holding a woman's or girl's hair in place.
barricade a hastily constructed barrier for protection or for obstructing passage. [3 definitions]
barrier something erected to bar passage such as a fence, wall, or the like. [3 definitions]
barrier island a long narrow sandy island formed parallel to a shore protecting it from erosion.
barrier reef a ridge of coral running parallel to a coast.
barring1 except in the case of; except for.
barrio in a Spanish-speaking country, one of the districts of a town. [2 definitions]
barrister (chiefly British) a lawyer who is qualified to offer legal advice and to represent clients in both the lower and higher courts in the UK.
barroom a room where alcoholic beverages are served, usu. at a bar or counter.
barrow1 a flat, rectangular frame used for carrying a load, supported by handles at each end or handles at one end and a wheel at the other; wheelbarrow.