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baseless without basis in fact or reason; unfounded.
base line in baseball, the area within which a runner must stay while running from base to base. [3 definitions]
baseman in baseball, a player covering first, second, or third base.
basement the lowermost space in a building, usu. partly underground.
basementless combined form of basement.
basenji one of a breed of dogs originating in Africa, characterized by a smooth chestnut-brown coat and an inability to bark.
base on balls in baseball, an advance to first base taken by a batter to whom four balls have been pitched. (See walk.)
base runner in baseball, any member of the team at bat who is safely on base or is running toward a base.
bases1 pl. of basis.
bases2 pl. of base1.
bash to strike a violent or crushing blow to. [4 definitions]
bashful timid or self-conscious in the presence of others; shy. [2 definitions]
BASIC a simplified computer language (acronym for "beginner's all-purpose symbolic instruction code").
basic of, forming, or at the base or basis. [4 definitions]
basically in an important or central way; at heart.
Basic English a copyrighted, simplified version of the English language, limited to 850 necessary words and a few grammatical rules, and used esp. as an international communication aid.
basics the things you need to know in order to do something.
basidiomycete any of the fungi, such as mushrooms, puffballs, and smuts, that bear spores on a club-shaped cell.
basil a type of aromatic herb of the mint family, used in cooking.
basilar of, pertaining to, or near the base of something, esp. of the skull.
basileus a ruler of the Eastern Roman Empire.