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bass2 any of several freshwater or saltwater food fishes with spiny fins.
bass3 a deciduous tree of softwood, which is grown for ornamental purposes or as a shade tree; basswood; linden.
bass clef a sign on the fourth line of a musical staff, locating F below middle C; F clef.
bass drum a large double-headed cylindrical drum that produces a low, reverberating sound.
basset1 a kind of hound sometimes used in hunting that has long drooping ears, a long body, and short legs.
basset2 an emerging part or an outcrop, as of the edges of layered rock. [2 definitions]
bass horn an obsolete brass wind instrument resembling the tuba. [2 definitions]
bassinet an oblong basket with a hood over one end, used as a cradle for infants.
bassist one who sings bass. [2 definitions]
basso in music, one who sings bass.
bassoon a large low-pitched woodwind instrument consisting of a long doubled wooden tube fitted with a slender curved metal tube that terminates in a double-reed mouthpiece.
basso-relievo see "bas-relief."
bass viol the largest and deepest-toned instrument of the violin family; double bass, contrabass. [2 definitions]
basswood any of several types of linden tree, esp. the American linden, characterized by a yearly bloom of fragrant yellow flowers. [2 definitions]
bast the strong fibrous outer layer of certain plant stems, such as flax or hemp, consisting of phloem tissue, and used in manufacturing cordage or woven goods. [2 definitions]
bastard a child of unmarried parents; illegitimate child. [4 definitions]
bastardize to prove (a person) to be a bastard. [3 definitions]
bastardy the state or condition of being an illegitimate offspring. [2 definitions]
baste1 to sew temporarily with long, loose stitches, as in temporarily assembling the pieces of a garment prior to final sewing.
baste2 to moisten (esp. meat) with a liquid during cooking.
baste3 to beat or thrash with a stick; cudgel. [2 definitions]