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beechnut the small, edible nut of the beech tree.
bee-eater any of several small, brightly colored tropical birds that feed chiefly on bees and other insects.
beef the flesh of a cow or steer, or such animals when raised for meat. [4 definitions]
beefalo the hybrid offspring of beef cattle and the American buffalo.
beef bourguignon a dish consisting of braised cubes of beef in a red-wine sauce, often with mushrooms or other vegetables.
beefcake (informal) photography of men with attractive physiques, usu. in brief garments. (Cf. cheesecake.)
beef cattle cattle bred and raised for meat.
beefeater a guard at the Tower of London, or a yeoman in the English royal guard.
bee fly any of several two-winged flies that resemble bees and that feed on pollen and nectar.
beefsteak a slice of beef for frying or broiling, usu. cut from the loin or hindquarters.
beefsteak tomato any large red flavorful tomato.
beef up to add improvements to (something) to make it stronger or more efficient.
beef Wellington a dish consisting of a lightly roasted piece of beef covered with pâté de foie gras, surrounded with pastry, and baked.
beefy of or resembling beef. [2 definitions]
beehive the constructed shelter in which bees live. [2 definitions]
beekeeper one who raises bees.
beeline the most direct course, usu. traveled quickly.
Beelzebub according to the New Testament, the chief devil; Satan.
bee moth a moth that lays its eggs in beehives, the wax of which provides food for the moth larvae.
been past participle of be.
beep a short, usu. high-pitched warning signal. [3 definitions]