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beg off to ask to be exempted from fulfilling an obligation.
be going to used as an auxiliary verb to express a plan or intention to carry out some action, or to express a prediction of what seems likely to occur based on certain evidence.
begone go away (usu. used in imperative).
begonia a tropical plant of which some species are cultivated as houseplants, bearing bright, waxy flowers of various colors and having leaves that are often varicolored or veined.
begot past tense and a past participle of beget.
begotten a past participle of beget.
begrime to soil with or as though with grime; make grimy.
begrudge to feel envious and disapproving of (someone) having or being given (something). [2 definitions]
beg the question to assume as true a conclusion to an argument and then present that conclusion as proof.
beguile to deceive or cheat by using guile. [3 definitions]
Beguine a member of a lay Roman Catholic sisterhood of the Netherlands, first established in the twelfth century, that allowed women to keep their private property and revoke their vows whenever they wished.
beguine a dance of Martinique with a bolero rhythm, or the music for such a dance.
begum a high-ranking Muslim woman, often a widow.
begun past participle of begin.
behalf support; aid (preceded by " in" or "on" and followed by "of"). [2 definitions]
behave to act or function in a certain way. [3 definitions]
behavior the actions and reactions of a group, person, animal, or thing, either characteristically or under specific circumstances. [2 definitions]
behavioral of or concerning the behavior of a person, animal, or other organism.
behavioral science a social science such as psychology, anthropology, or sociology that examines the way humans act as individuals or in groups, often to reveal recurrent patterns or general truths.
behaviorism in psychology, the doctrine that observable behavior, rather than mental events or consciousness, gives the only valid evidence for study, and that environmental influences predominate in human psychological development.
behaviour a spelling of "behavior" used in Canada and Britain. See "behavior" for more information.