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belay in nautical terminology, to secure (a rope) by winding around a pin or cleat. [6 definitions]
belaying pin a short round metal or wooden bar that fits into the rail of a ship, and around which ropes are secured.
bel canto a style of singing in which an open, flowing, operatic tone is emphasized over precise pronunciation of the words.
belch to expel gas from the stomach through the mouth, in a spasmodic, noisy burst, as after eating or drinking. [4 definitions]
beldam an old woman, esp. one who is ugly.
beleaguer to lay siege to by surrounding with troops; besiege. [2 definitions]
Belfast the seaport capital of Northern Ireland.
belfry a tower of a church or other building in which a bell is hung; bell tower.
Belgian a native or citizen of Belgium, or a descendant thereof. [3 definitions]
Belgium a country on the North Sea, bordered by the Netherlands, Germany, and France.
Belgrade the capital of Yugoslavia.
Belial in the Bible, a personification of evil.
belie to give a false impression of. [2 definitions]
belief a strong opinion; conviction. [3 definitions]
believable able to be believed; credible; convincing. [2 definitions]
believe to accept as honest or true. [6 definitions]
believe in to accept as real or true. [3 definitions]
belittle to make (someone or something) seem less in size, value, or importance; depreciate.
Belize a country on the Caribbean, bordered by Guatemala and Mexico. [2 definitions]
bell a hollow metal cup, often of bronze, which makes a ringing sound when struck by a hard object such as a clapper. [4 definitions]
belladonna a poisonous plant bearing purplish red flowers and black berries; deadly nightshade. [2 definitions]