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bent2 any of several low-growing grasses, some of which are used for lawns or for hay; bent grass. [2 definitions]
benthos the bottom layer of a body of water.
bentonite either of two clays that are formed by the decomposition of volcanic ash, and that are very absorptive and capable of expanding to several times their normal volume.
bentwood wood that has been steamed and bent, used in furniture. [2 definitions]
benumb to render numb or without physical sensation, esp. by cold. [2 definitions]
benzene a colorless, volatile, flammable liquid, obtained from petroleum and coal tar and used in or to make a wide variety of chemical products, such as insecticides, motor fuels, and solvents.
benzene ring the graphic representation of the benzene molecule or its derivatives as a hexagon with a carbon atom at each of its six points, and with attached atoms of hydrogen or other elements.
benzine a colorless, liquid mixture of flammable hydrocarbons, used as a solvent in cleaning and dyeing and as a motor fuel.
benzo- benzene or benzoic acid.
benzoate in chemistry, a salt or ester of benzoic acid.
benzocaine a white, odorless, tasteless powder used in ointments as a local anesthetic and a shield against sunburn.
benzodiazepine any of a class of drugs containing a benzene ring that acts as a sedative and muscle relaxant.
benzoic of or derived from benzoin or benzoic acid.
benzoic acid a white crystalline powder used as a preservative and antiseptic in perfumes and flavorings, in synthesizing dyes, and to season tobacco.
benzoin an aromatic resin containing benzoic acid and used in perfumes and cosmetics, cough medicines, and antiseptics. [3 definitions]
benzol benzene. [2 definitions]
be oneself to be in one's usual state of health or mind. [2 definitions]
be on to (informal) to have inside information about. [2 definitions]
be out of to no longer have (something that is normally available).
be over to be finished; to have reached a conclusion (sometimes used to indicate great finality or that all efforts to change the conclusion are useless).
be over someone to no longer feel any romantic feelings for (someone).