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betoken to be a token or sign of.
betook past tense of betake.
betray to be disloyal to; commit treason against. [5 definitions]
betrayal an act of disloyalty or faithlessness.
betrayed treated in a disloyal or unfaithful manner, often with deception or treachery.
betroth to pledge or give in marriage.
betrothal the act or fact of being mutually pledged to marry; engagement.
betrothed a person to whom one is engaged to be married. [2 definitions]
betta any of several small, brightly colored, long-finned freshwater fishes of tropical Asia, some species of which are kept as aquarium pets.
better comparative of "good." [14 definitions]
better half (informal) one's spouse, usu. the wife.
betterment the act or result of making something better; improvement. [2 definitions]
better off in improved or happier circumstances.
bettor a person who makes bets.
between in the area separating. [6 definitions]
betweentimes between activities; at or during pauses or intermissions.
betwixt between.
betwixt and between neither one thing nor the other; in the middle.
bet your boots be assured; feel certain.
be up to to be dependent on (someone or something); to be the choice or responsibility of.
BeV BeV (Bev) [2 definitions]