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bigotry intolerance of any group or belief that is not one's own, especially in the form of racial, ethnic, or religious intolerance and prejudice.
big picture an overall view or perspective that considers larger or long-term implications (prec. by "the").
big shot (informal) an influential or important person.
big stick political or military power, displayed or implied to intimidate or gain cooperation from potential adversaries, esp. as a foreign policy.
big-time (informal) significant or influential in a particular trade, profession, or other field of endeavor. [2 definitions]
big top the tent or main tent of a circus. [2 definitions]
big tree a very tall cone-bearing evergreen found in California; giant sequoia.
bigwig (informal) an important person, esp. a dignitary or official. (See VIP.)
bijou a jewel. [2 definitions]
bijugate having two pairs of leaflets, as certain leaves with a featherlike structure.
bike (informal) a bicycle, motorcycle, or motorbike. [2 definitions]
bikeway a roadway or trail reserved for bicycle riding.
bikini a very brief, two-piece bathing suit for women, or underpants cut like the bottom half of this bathing suit.
bilabial having two lips, as certain flowers; bilabiate. [3 definitions]
bilabiate having two lips, as certain flowers.
bilateral having two, esp. symmetrical, sides. [3 definitions]
bilayer biological material composed of two layers of molecules, such as lipids in a cell membrane.
bilberry any of several woody wild or cultivated North American plants that produce edible dark blue berries. [2 definitions]
bilbo (often pl.) a long iron bar with sliding shackles, formerly used to fetter prisoners' feet.
bildungsroman a novel that concerns itself primarily with the psychological and moral development of the main character, usually from youth into adulthood.
bile a bitter yellowish secretion of the liver that aids in the digestion of fats. [2 definitions]