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bill and coo to kiss, cuddle, and whisper sweetly, as lovers.
billboard a board for displaying outdoor advertisements or notices, esp. next to highways.
Bill Clinton 42nd President of the United States (1993-2001) and, previously, Governor of Arkansas for several terms; born William Jefferson Blythe III, subsequently William Jefferson Clinton (b.1946).
billet1 nonmilitary lodging assigned to troops, esp. in a private home. [6 definitions]
billet2 a short chunk of wood, esp. one cut for firewood. [4 definitions]
billet-doux a love letter.
billfold a folding case for carrying paper money, often of leather and usu. small enough to fit into a pocket; wallet.
billhook a sharp curved or hooked tool used for pruning, cutting, and clearing brush.
billiard of, pertaining to, or used in billiards. [2 definitions]
billiards (used with a sing. verb) a game played on a cloth-covered rectangular table that has a cushioned rim, in which players use a long cue stick to drive hard balls against one another or into pockets at the edges and corners of the table. (Cf. pool2.)
Billie Holiday U.S. jazz singer, also known as Lady Day; born Eleanora Fagan (b.1915--d.1959).
billing the order or size of performers' names as they appear on a printed program, screen credits, or the like, taken as a sign of relative status or importance. [3 definitions]
billingsgate vulgar, abusive language.
billion the number represented by the Arabic numeral 1,000,000,000. [5 definitions]
billionaire one whose wealth amounts to at least a billion dollars, pounds, francs, or the like.
bill of attainder a legislative act in which a person is found guilty, without trial, of a crime, esp. treason, and condemned to capital punishment.
bill of exchange a written order to pay a specified amount to a specified person, used mainly in conducting business abroad.
bill of fare a list of the dishes available; menu.
bill of goods a shipment of merchandise for sale.
bill of health a certificate given to a ship captain in one port, stating whether there is any infectious disease in the port or aboard the ship at the time of departure, to be shown on entering the next port.
bill of lading a list and receipt for goods given by a carrier who is transporting them.