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binary star two stars orbiting around a common center of gravity and often appearing as one to the unaided sight or through a telescope; double star.
binary system a numbering system with a base of two. In binary numbers, any number can be expressed by 1, 0, or a combination of these. The number five is written as "101" in the binary system.
binate produced in two parts or pairs, as certain leaves.
binational of, pertaining to, composed of, or involving two nations.
binaural having two ears. [3 definitions]
bind to make secure by fastening, as with cord or the like. [13 definitions]
binder a large, sturdy notebook cover that contains a device for holding loose papers. [4 definitions]
bindery a place where books are bound.
binding the act of fastening, securing, and holding tight or together. [6 definitions]
bindle (slang, old-fashioned) a bundle of possessions carried by a hobo, usually including bedding. Traditionally, a bindle might be tied to a stick and carried over the shoulder.
bindweed any of several related twining or vinelike plants that bear pink or white trumpet-shaped flowers. [2 definitions]
bine the stem of any of various twining or vinelike plants. [2 definitions]
Binet-Simon scale a series of tests graded according to the mental abilities at different ages of the average population, esp. children, with which the abilities of the individual test-taker can be compared.
Bing cherry a variety of sweet, dark red cherry.
binge (informal) a period of overindulgence, esp. in drinking alcoholic beverages or eating. [2 definitions]
bingo a game of chance in which markers are placed on numbered squares on a card, in accordance with numbers chosen randomly and announced by a caller, and which is won by placing five such markers in a row.
binnacle the nonmagnetic stand or case that supports or encloses a ship's compass.
binocular pertaining to or involving the use of two eyes. [2 definitions]
binomial in algebra, an expression made up of two terms with either a plus or a minus sign between them. [2 definitions]
binomial theorem a general formula for expressing any power of a binomial expression without multiplying.
bio (informal) a biography, usu. very brief.