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Bishkek the capital of Kyrgyzstan.
bishop a clergyman who holds a high position in certain Christian churches and is often in charge of a diocese or of a number of churches. [2 definitions]
bishopric the diocese overseen by a bishop. [2 definitions]
Bismarck the capital of North Dakota.
bismuth a chemical element that has eighty-three protons in each nucleus and is a white brittle crystalline metal with very low thermal and electrical conductivity, used chiefly in alloys and medicines. (symbol: Bi)
bison a hoofed, shaggy, cud-chewing mammal with a large head and forequarters, short curved horns, and a hump at the shoulders, found in North America; buffalo. [2 definitions]
bisque1 a thick cream soup made with shellfish, meat, or strained vegetables. [2 definitions]
bisque2 clay or porcelain that has been fired but not glazed. (See biscuit.)
Bissau the capital of Guinea-Bissau.
bistre a pigment made from the soot of burned wood, having a yellowish or dark brown color. [2 definitions]
bistro a small bar, café, or nightclub.
bisulfate an inorganic acid sulfate or a compound containing such.
bisulfide a disulfide.
bit1 the metal part of a bridle that is placed in the mouth of an animal, usu. a horse, and used to restrain or control. [5 definitions]
bit2 a small amount; little piece. [4 definitions]
bit3 a unit of information in a computer; binary digit.
bit4 past tense and a past participle of bite.
bitartrate an acid tartrate having only one of the two acidic hydrogen atoms of tartaric acid.
bitch a female dog or other female canine. [3 definitions]
bitchy (slang) usu. of a woman, malicious or bad-tempered.
bite to cut or pierce with the teeth. [19 definitions]