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bittern1 any of several herons, known for the booming cry of the male.
bittern2 a bitter solution of bromides, iodides, and other salts that remains after sodium chloride has been crystallized out of sea water or brine.
bitterroot a plant found in western North America that bears showy pink or white flowers and has a fleshy edible root.
bitters a liquid flavoring or tonic, often alcoholic, made by steeping bitter roots or herbs, used esp. in cocktails.
bittersweet a climbing, woody vine found in North America, bearing orange fruit that splits open when ripe to expose red-coated seeds. [5 definitions]
bitumen any of various natural substances composed chiefly of hydrocarbons, or such substances distilled from petroleum and coal, used for paving and waterproofing.
bituminous resembling or containing bitumen.
bituminous coal a mineral coal that yields pitch and tar and has a yellow smoky flame when it burns; soft coal.
bivalent in chemistry, having a valence of two, or having two valences. [3 definitions]
bivalve a mollusk with two shells hinged together, such as a mussel, oyster, or clam. [3 definitions]
bivouac a temporary encampment, esp. military, without protecting shelter. [2 definitions]
biweekly occurring or appearing every two weeks. [3 definitions]
biyearly happening every two years or lasting two years; biennial. [2 definitions]
bizarre strikingly odd or unusual, esp. in appearance or behavior.
Bk symbol of the chemical element berkelium.
blab to reveal carelessly or indiscreetly. [4 definitions]
blabber to talk or say in a wordy, nonsensical, or indiscreet way. [2 definitions]
blabbermouth (informal) one who talks indiscreetly, esp. one who habitually reveals confidential information.
black the darkest color, which absorbs but does not reflect light. [13 definitions]
black-and-blue discolored or covered with discolorations from blood coagulated under the skin; bruised.
black and white print or writing considered as documentary evidence or binding proof. [2 definitions]