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Black Lives Matter an early twenty-first century social and political movement that seeks to raise awareness of and put an end to unjust treatment of Black people, esp. that which occurs in the form of police brutality.
black lung a lung disease, esp. of miners, that is caused by long-term exposure to coal dust.
blackly with malicious or angry looks or intentions. [2 definitions]
black magic magic accomplished with evil intent or by satanic means; sorcery; witchcraft.
blackmail payment forced by threats to reveal damaging information; extortion. [3 definitions]
black margate a grunt of the tropical western Atlantic.
black mark something unfavorable or detrimental in one's record.
black market the illegal purchase or sale of goods in violation of restrictions such as price controls or rationing, customs laws, or the like. [2 definitions]
black-market to buy or sell on the black market.
black marketeer one who buys or sells in the black market.
Black Muslim a member of the Nation of Islam.
black nationalism (often caps.) a U.S. movement that advocates the establishment of a separate black nation.
blackout the extinguishing or hiding of all the lights of a city or region, as in a power failure or air raid. [4 definitions]
black out to lose consciousness; faint.
black pepper a spice made by grinding the whole dried berry of the pepper plant.
black power (sometimes caps.) the political and economic power of American blacks mobilized to force the granting of equal rights.
black raspberry a prickly shrub that grows in eastern North America and bears a dark purple berry. [2 definitions]
Black Sea a sea surrounded by Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and the Balkan Peninsula.
black sheep one who differs from and is often an embarrassment or disgrace to his or her family or group. This may be be due to this person's disreputable behavior, lack of worldly success, or difference in belief or point of view from that of the group.
Black Shirt a member of a fascist military organization, esp. the former Italian one, whose uniform includes a black shirt.
blacksmith a person who makes, fits, and repairs horseshoes. [2 definitions]