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blackball to cast out, as from a group; ostracize. [3 definitions]
black bass any of several related North American freshwater game fishes.
black bear a North American bear, smaller than a grizzly bear, with thick black or brown fur. [2 definitions]
black belt the highest rank among practitioners of martial arts such as judo or karate. [3 definitions]
blackberry a berry, dark purple to black and composed of many large seeds. [2 definitions]
blackbird any of various common songbirds, the males of which are black or mostly black, such as the European thrush or the American red-winged blackbird.
blackboard a smooth, hard, dark-colored panel, often made of slate and suitable for writing on with chalk; chalkboard.
blackboard eraser an object made of bound layers of felt used for erasing chalk from a blackboard.
blackbody in physics, a hypothetical body that theoretically absorbs all radiant energy falling on its surface.
black book a real or imaginary notebook containing names of people, usu. recorded for future censure or punishment.
blackbuck a long-horned antelope native to India that has a brownish-black back and a white belly.
blackcap any of several birds with a black crown, such as the chickadee. [2 definitions]
blackcock the male black grouse.
black cohosh an eastern North American perennial herb (Cimicifuga racemosa, or Actaea racemosa) of the buttercup family, the rhizome and roots of which are used as an herbal remedy.
blackdamp a suffocating gas composed of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, found as a residue of fires and explosions of combustible gases in mines; chokedamp.
Black Death a deadly plague, probably bubonic, that was widespread in Europe in the mid-fourteenth century, characterized by dark splotches on the skin.
black duck a dark brown pond duck of northeastern North America. [2 definitions]
blacken to make black; make dark. [3 definitions]
black eye darkening and discoloration of the flesh around the eye, as from a bruise or blow. [2 definitions]
black-eyed pea the seed of the cowpea plant, used as food; cowpea.
black-eyed Susan any of numerous related North American wildflowers with yellow or orange-yellow petals surrounding a dark center.