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blender a machine used to prepare liquid foods by combining, chopping, and mixing at high speeds.
blend in to merge with, fit in with, or be indistinguishable from, the surroundings or other people.
blenny any of several small saltwater fishes with a long, tapering, slimy body.
blepharitis inflammation of the eyelids.
bless to make holy by religious ritual; sanctify. [5 definitions]
blessed hallowed; sanctified. [4 definitions]
blessing the formal religious act of one who blesses, or the words spoken as part of such act. [4 definitions]
blest a past tense and past participle of bless. [2 definitions]
bleu cheese see "blue cheese."
blew past tense of blow2.
blight a plant disease characterized by rapid destruction of parts or all of a plant. [5 definitions]
blighter (chiefly British; slang) an annoying or contemptible person. [2 definitions]
blimp an aircraft having a nonrigid structure filled with a buoyant gas; dirigible.
blind lacking the ability to see; sightless. [12 definitions]
blind alley an alley or passageway with one end closed off; cul-de-sac. [2 definitions]
blind as a bat barely able to see.
blind date a date arranged between two people who have been previously unacquainted. [2 definitions]
blinder (pl.) a set of flaps on a horse's bridle near the eyes, that prevent vision to the side. [2 definitions]
blindfold to cover the eyes with a strip of cloth or bandage. [4 definitions]
blinding emitting or reflecting a powerful bright light; dazzling. [3 definitions]
blindly in a blind or unseeing manner. [2 definitions]