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blockhead a stupid or dull person; oaf.
blockhouse a fortified building with openings for cannons and rifles to fire through, formerly built of heavy wooden timbers. [3 definitions]
blockish like a block of wood in sensitivity or awareness; dull or stupid.
block letter a simple, hand-printed capital letter. [2 definitions]
blocky like a block in bulk; chunky. [2 definitions]
Bloemfontein the judicial capital of South Africa. (Cf. Cape Town, Pretoria.)
blog shortened from "Web log," an online journal that may be personal or topical, in which the author makes regular entries that appear in reverse chronological order and can be read by the general public. [2 definitions]
blogosphere all the blogs on the internet and the people who read and write them.
bloke (chiefly British; informal) a male person; man; guy.
blond having light-colored hair and usu. also a fair complexion. [3 definitions]
blonde of a girl or woman, having light-colored hair. [2 definitions]
blood the red fluid containing oxygen and nutrients that circulates in the vascular system of vertebrates. [7 definitions]
blood bank a place where blood is collected, processed, and stored as whole blood or plasma, for later use in transfusion.
bloodbath a brutal and indiscriminate slaughter of many people or a whole population; massacre. [2 definitions]
blood blister a blister that contains blood and sometimes also serum. (Cf. water blister.)
blood-borne carried or transmitted by blood.
blood brother one's brother by birth. [2 definitions]
blood-clotting of or relating to a substance or condition that affects the clotting of blood.
blood count the number of red cells, white cells, and platelets counted in a specific volume of blood. [2 definitions]
bloodcurdling causing extreme fright; horrifying.
blooded having blood of a certain kind (usu. prec. by a modifier). [2 definitions]