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blunder a careless or thoughtless mistake. [5 definitions]
blunderbuss an early shoulder-gun having a short barrel, flared at the muzzle to scattershot at close range. [2 definitions]
blunt having a dull edge or point; not sharp. [5 definitions]
blur to cause to run together or become obscure or confused, as by smearing. [7 definitions]
blurb a short description written to promote or advertise a product, as on book jackets.
blurt to utter abruptly, awkwardly, and without discretion (often fol. by "out").
blush to become red in the face as an involuntary expression of shame, confusion, or other self-conscious discomfort. [7 definitions]
blusher one who blushes or tends to blush. [2 definitions]
blush wine any of certain dry, slightly pink wines made from red-wine grapes.
bluster to blow noisily and in gusts, as the wind. [5 definitions]
Blvd. abbreviation of "boulevard," a wide city street, often lined with trees or landscaped (used in a proper name).
BM abbreviation of "bowel movement," the evacuation of waste matter from the bowels.
BMOC abbreviation of "big man on campus" (used to characterize a popular or admired male student, or sometimes one who aggressively promotes his own advancement).
BMX abbreviation of "bicycle motocross," a sport in which bicycles designed for rough terrain are raced on such terrain, or used in the performance of athletic feats such as jumps, spins, and flips. [2 definitions]
B.O. abbreviation of "body odor."
boa see "boa constrictor." [2 definitions]
boa constrictor a large nonpoisonous snake native to the American tropics that is pale brown with darker markings and that coils around and crushes its prey.
boar an uncastrated male pig. [3 definitions]
board a flat, cut piece of lumber; plank. [9 definitions]
boarder a person who is housed and supplied with meals.
board foot a unit of measure for lumber, equal to one foot square and one inch thick.