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bomb a metal shell filled with explosives that is dropped, thrown, or otherwise directed at a certain target for destructive purposes. [8 definitions]
bombard to attack with bombs, cannon fire, or artillery. [4 definitions]
bombardier one who operates the bombsight and bomb-release mechanism in a bomber aircraft.
bombardier beetle any of several beetles that spray an acrid, irritating fluid from the abdomen as a method of self-defense.
bombast boastful, pompous, or otherwise overblown utterances.
bombastic overblown or pretentious, as speech, writing, or a person speaking or writing in this way.
bombax of or designating a family of tropical trees that includes the kapok, baobab, and balsa.
Bombay a state capital on the west central coast of India.
bombazine a finely woven twill cloth of silk or rayon with wool, often dyed black for use as mourning clothes.
bomb bay in a bomber, the compartment from which bombs are dropped.
bomb cyclone a cyclone that rapidly intensifies in areas outside of the tropics.
bombe a frozen dessert consisting of two or more different kinds of ice cream, often with a light, frothy center made of eggs and sugar, frozen in a melon-shaped mold.
bomber a military plane used to transport and drop bombs. [2 definitions]
bombinate to make a buzzing sound.
bombing an attack in which bombs are dropped.
bombogenesis rapid intensification of a large storm due to a steep drop in barometric pressure.
bombproof impervious to damage or destruction by conventional bombs.
bombshell a bomb. [2 definitions]
bombsight a device in aircraft that is used to aim bombs.
bona fide not counterfeit or sham; genuine; real. [2 definitions]
bonanza a rich vein of valuable ore in a mine. [2 definitions]