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bonbon a candy with a filling of fruit jam, nuts, or creamy sugar paste enclosed in a coating of chocolate or the like.
bond something that connects or confines. [6 definitions]
bondable combined form of bond.
bondage a state of servitude or slavery to another. [2 definitions]
bonded subject to a binding promise to pay, as monetary debt. [3 definitions]
bonded debt the portion of a corporation's or state's indebtedness that is represented by the bonds it has issued.
bondholder one who holds or owns bonds; one who receives payment of interest on a bond or bonds.
bonding the formation of close personal relationships, as between family members or friends.
bondman a male bound as a slave or serf; bond servant.
bond paper a high-grade paper with some proportion of rag content, used for stationery and documents; bond.
bond servant one who is bound as a slave or serf. [2 definitions]
bondsman1 one who provides bail or surety for another.
bondsman2 variant of bondman.
bondswoman1 a woman who provides bail or surety for another.
bondswoman2 variant of bondwoman.
bondwoman a female bond servant.
bone the hard, calcified connective tissue that forms the skeleton of most vertebrates. [5 definitions]
boneblack the carbonized residue of heat-treated bones, used as a blacking pigment or decoloring agent.
bone china a fine type of white porcelain produced by mixing bone ash or calcium phosphate with the clay.
bone-dry (informal) dry as a bone after prolonged exposure to sun and wind; very dry or thirsty.
bonefish any of several silvery marine fishes, esp. a bottom-feeder living in shallow tropical waters, having a skeleton composed of many small bones.